Bolivia is a halfsister of our stallion Glenfiddich VDL and of De Blue who jumps 1.45m.

Dam Tolivia is awarded ‘elite, preferent, prestatie’, granddam Nolivia is awarded ‘keur and preferent’ and she is a halfsister of the international jumper and approved stallion Dragon Rouge. Great-granddam Olivia Rouge is awarded ‘ster, preferent, prestatie’ and she is a full sister of the approved stallions Papillon Rouge (jumped 1.60m) and Quouglof Rouge (1.40m).

From the same damline are also the following approved stallions: Cincaba Rouge (1.60m), Quartz Rouge (1.60m), Rinaldo Rouge (1.50m), Bleu Blanc Rouge II (1.40m), Saphir Rouge II, Montevideo.

And international sporthorses like Vancouver VDL (1.60m), Nilda Rouge (1.60m), Qualoubet Rouge (1.60m), Estrella de V (1.60m), Nathan des Hayettes (1.60m),  Omaha du Lozon (1.50m) etc.

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  • Baio
  • Femmina
  • Fattrice
  • Anno di nascita: 2006


  • Folivia VDL (2010) - Padre: MR. BLUE
  • Gobolivia VDL (2011) - Padre: AREZZO VDL
  • Levis VDL (2016) - Padre: HERMITAGE VDL
  • Bolivia FZ (2018) - Padre: HARLEY VDL
  • Pamina FZ (2019) - Padre: POMMEROL DE MUZE