Crumble x Contender, Stamm 3615

There are special motherlines and there are very special motherlines. Stamm 3615 is a very special motherline. This is the motherline of Fein Cera who was awarded as the best horse of the final four during the World Equestrian Games in Jerez de la Frontera in 2002 under saddle of Peter Wylde. Together they had some amazing results. Together they many good results including team gold during the Olymic Gold during the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004.

L.B. Crumble is a very promising son of Colman and is competing currently at 1m40 under saddle of Christina Liebherr.

The mother Pretty Cera (Contender) is also mother of Echo of Light (Come On) who competed at 1m60 with John Whitaker.

The grandmother Kleine Cera (Calato) produced the 1m60 jumping horse Ornellaia (For Pleasure) who jumped at 1m60 with John Whitaker and Zera (Cero I) who won the Hamburger Derby in 2017 with Pato Muente. Capriccio (Come on) out of Kleine Cera jumped at 1m50 with Uwe Schmitz.

Kleine Cera is the only daughter of Fein Cera (Landadel), her mother Cera (Cor de la Bryère) jumped at 1m60 with Otto Becker and Paul Darragh.

This line is known for Olympic, World Cup and Nations Cup horses.

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  • Anno di nascita: 2015