Caretino x Rebel I Z, Stamm 890

Zabella is by the Holsteiner top stallion Caretino (Caletto II), who is also father of the legendary stallion Casall. She also comes from the same Stamm as Casall. Caretino had an international jumping career under saddle of Ludger Beerbaum.

Mother Kabella is by Rebel I Z (by Ramiro) who is the full brother to Ratina Z and Renomee Z who both competed at the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996. In Germany Rebel I Z competed at 1.40m with Gerardus Krijnen and he produced in Germany 38 offspring who jumped 1.40m and higher.

Kabella (by Rebel I Z) jumped at 1.45m level with Frank Plock and produced the 1.60m jumper Ares (by Ephebe for Ever) with Emilio Bicocchi and Davide Cantatore.

Grandmother Fabella (by Corrado I) produced the 1.50m jumping horse Calgary (by Concerto II) with Franciso Fleming de Oliveira, the 1.60m horse Cando (by Candillo) with Omer Karaevli, Caliku (by Candillo) 1.40m with Niklas Engemann, Romantika S (by Candillo) 1.45m with Josta van Straaten. Romantika S produced the 1.45m jumping horse Catness (by Canto) with Sabine Rath.

Great-grandmother Nizza (by Freeman xx) jumped at 1.30m with Alois Pollmann-Schweckhorst, she is full sister to the famous mare Ostia who jumped at 1.60m level and produced the branch with the top stallion Berlin (by Cassini I) and produced several 1.60m jumping horses. Nizza produced the 1.40m jumping horse Santus (by Silvester) with Patrick Liebling.

This branch from Bizarre (by Cromwell) is mostly famous because of Berlin who jumped at 1.60m level with Gerco Schröder, his mother Estia jumped at 1.55m level.

Nella foto sotto Ares con Emilio Bicocchi, fratello uterino di Zabella.

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  • Baio
  • Femmina
  • Fattrice
  • Anno di nascita: 2007
  • Altezza: 169 cm.

Attualmente gravida di CORTEZ FZ
Nascita prevista il 25/05/2022


  • COUNCIL FZ (2011) - Padre: CASSINI I
  • ARISA FZ (2016) - Padre: ATOMIC Z
  • MALIK FZ (2017) - Padre: INAICO VDL
  • COLLIN FZ (2018) - Padre: COLMAN
  • CALL ME FZ (2019) - Padre: COLMAN